Let's Work Together
As a content marketing writer, I'm available to help you with:
  • Web content copywriting
  • Scriptwriting
  • Voice-Overs and Narration
  • Branding strategy
  • Email campaigns
  • Publicity writing/Press releases
  • Where to get the best falafel in Tel Aviv
As a journalist, your readers would love my:
  • Arts & entertainment reviews
  • Music features
  • Travel features/lists
  • Longform descriptions of the best falafel in Tel Aviv

To readers, strangers, Internet trolls, friends, and my parents... hello.

I'm Justin H. Jacobs, a journalist, voice actor, musician and content marketing writer currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. 


I'm a diehard traveler who has been working in words for 15 years. As a journalist, my work has been published by outlets all over the world—mostly about music and the arts, but also travel, health and fitness, news, religious issues and humor. 

As a content marketing writer, I've written scripts for international TV spots, shaped the language for major product releases and international start-ups, and even worked on a Super Bowl campaign


When not sitting in front of a computer, I’m backpacking (see my Expat Diaries page), hiking, cooking, reading, drinking coffee and IPA beer, enjoying live music and occasionally sleeping.

That's me. 
Sulawesi, Indonesia.
February 2020
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